Postcard from Belgium no 24

The 24th postcard arrived on December 11, 2020. This time the postcard came from Belgium. It is funny and shows a collection of Belgian beers. There were five beautiful stamps on the postcard. The stamps had different motifs such as flowers, art and landscape. I liked the postcard very much. The postcard covered 536 kilometers… Read more Postcard from Belgium no 24

Postcard from USA Texas no 23

The next postcard came from the USA at the beginning of December. This time from Texas. It is a very colorful postcard and shows the animal Armadillo.It took the postcard just nine days to cover 8,706 kilometers (5,409 miles).

Postcard from the UK no 22

The first postcard in December 2020 came from England. It’s a funny postcard. It is a drawing that takes the vast English landscape with humor. You can go on an excursion without meeting another person. She also writes that it comes very close to reality because she grew up in such a region.The postcard covered… Read more Postcard from the UK no 22

Postcard from Japan Tokyo no 20

On November 25th in 2020, the first postcard from Japan arrived. The postcard shows a picture of the Tojinbo coast at sunset. She lives in Tokyo. With six stamps on the postcard, all of them different, it was the record number up to then.The postcard traveled 9,379 kilometers (5,827 miles) in eighteen days.

Postcard from USA no 19

The next postcard came from the USA towards the end of November 2020. It shows the painting “Waterlilies” by the painter Claude Monet. Claude Monet lived from 1840 (born in Paris) to 1926 (died in Giverny). She went to a museum in Kansas City where she saw this picture and sent it to me as… Read more Postcard from USA no 19

Postcard from Russia no 16

Postcard number 16 came from Russia in mid-November. It was the longest trip to date. The postcard was on the road for the 2,518 kilometers (1,564 miles) for 51 days.The card was a little smaller than normal. It shows a statue of Lenin and in the background a snow-capped mountain range. It was the first… Read more Postcard from Russia no 16