Taiwan postcard from Kenting Beach no 39

On January 19, another postcard came from Taiwan. It’s a picture of the beach at Kenting National Park. Kenting National Park is located on the Hengchun Peninsula.The postcard covered 9,456 kilometers, or 5,875 miles, in 50 days.

Postcard from Taiwan a Manga Fan no 37

The 37th postcard arrived on January 16, 2021. This came from Taiwan and shows a drawing.She wrote that she liked Japanese manga like Detective Conan.She put a lot of little manga stickers on the postcard.The postcard covered 9,324 kilometers, or 5,793 miles, in sixteen days.

Postcard from Taiwan no 8

A postcard arrived from Taiwan on October 20th. It was the second postcard from the country. The postcard is quite simple with the lettering Taiwan can help with the pandemic.There are three large beautiful postage stamps on the card.The postcard covered 9,450 kilometers (5,870 miles) in eight days.