Greyhound dog postcard from Russia no. 113

thumbnail image dog greyhound postcard

On June 5th a postcard came from Russia. This shows a greyhound dog as a motif. She is from Saint Petersburg and she like dogs. There are two Russian postage stamps on the postcard. There are 56 rubles and 2 rubles stamps. The postcard covered 1790 kilometers, that is 1112 miles, in 21 days.

Cat postcard from Russia – postcrossing no. 98

thumbnail image postcard cat drawing

On April 30th a postcard came from Russia. The postcard shows a painted tabby cat. She wrote that she comes from the Russian city of Perm. She also has 2 cats and enjoys reading. There are two beautiful bear stamps on the postcard. The postcard traveled 3,123 kilometers (1940 miles) in 12 days.