Postcard from Russia postcrossing no 141

thumbnail image postcard monkey with smartphone

On August 11th, a postcard came from Russia.This shows a monkey in the water with a smartphone in hand.She wrote that she is from Ekaterinburg, that she is a dancer and enjoys reading.There are standard Russian postage stamps on the postcard.The postcard traveled 3,389 kilometers, that’s 2105 miles, in 29 days.

Greyhound dog postcard from Russia no. 113

thumbnail image dog greyhound postcard

On June 5th a postcard came from Russia. This shows a greyhound dog as a motif. She is from Saint Petersburg and she like dogs. There are two Russian postage stamps on the postcard. There are 56 rubles and 2 rubles stamps. The postcard covered 1790 kilometers, that is 1112 miles, in 21 days.

Cat postcard from Russia – postcrossing no. 98

thumbnail image postcard cat drawing

On April 30th a postcard came from Russia. The postcard shows a painted tabby cat. She wrote that she comes from the Russian city of Perm. She also has 2 cats and enjoys reading. There are two beautiful bear stamps on the postcard. The postcard traveled 3,123 kilometers (1940 miles) in 12 days.