Postcard from France Cluny no 27

On December 26th, 2020 I received the 27th postcard. This time the postcard came from France. It is a souvenir postcard from Cluny Abbey. The picture shows an excerpt from Cellier et Farinier. In four days, the postcard traveled 348 miles (561 kilometers).

Postcard France no 4

Another postcard came from France at the end of September 2020. The motif of the postcard is funny and is called “Fanfare de Cavalerie”.It shows a long dining table. Soldiers stand and sit at either end with musical instruments such as trumpets, trombones and drums. They raise their glasses in a toast. Meanwhile, a soldier… Read more Postcard France no 4

Postcard from France no 28

Today the 28th postcard arrived. This came from France. The postcard shows a picture of the Cluny Abbey in Burgenland in France. A very nice postcard. It took the card four days to travel 560 kilometers, the equivalent of 345 miles.