Vintage car postcard from Finland no 187

postcard vintage car Léon BolléeOn December 29, 2021, another postcard came from Finland.
It shows a vintage car with the French automobile manufacturer Léon Bollée around 1909.
He invented, among other things, calculating machines. He lived from 1870 to 1913.
She wrote some nice lines. When she wrote she was sitting in the kitchen and outside it was gray and cold around 0°C.
On the postcard are 3 very nice stamps. A stamp shows a velvet duck in flight. In Latin it’s Melanitta Fusca.
The velvet duck will be included in the overview of animal stamps.
The second stamp shows a feather. A very nice stamp and candidate for Stamp of the Month December 2021.
A stamp has a drawn reindeer Christmas motif.
The postcard covered 1539 kilometers, that is 956 miles, in 17 days. Finland postage stamps with a velvet duck

Update: the duck feather became the stamp of the month December 2021.

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