Torronsuo National Park postcard from Finland – postcrossing no. 100

Torronsuo National Park postcard FinlandThe 100th postcard arrived on May 4, 2021. This came from Finland.
The postcard shows a picture from Torronsuo National Park.
It is a national park in southern Finland. This is about 140km northwest of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
The Torronsuo National Park was established in 1990.
In autumn up to 1000 cranes take a break on their way.
More information on the website: Torronsuo National Park.
She wrote that she likes to travel and would like to go to Greece for 2 weeks after the pandemic.
finnish postage stampsThere are two beautiful Finnish postage stamps on the postcard.
The postcard traveled 1,754 kilometers (1089 miles) in ten days.