Postcard with a drawing of a trolleybus from Lithuania no 134

postcard drawing of a trolleybusA postcard came from Lithuania on July 22, 2021.
This shows a drawing of a trolleybus drawing stars with its pantograph in the sky.
She comes from the city of Kaunas. The city has a population of just under 300,000 and is located around 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of the capital, Vilnus.
She wrote a few lines about herself. She likes to travel, read and ride a bike in the summer.
There are 2 stamps on the postcard. I like one of them very much. This shows an owl with offspring. This stamp is a candidate for the stamp of the month and I have included it in the animal stamp overview.
The postcard traveled 1145 kilometers, that is 711 miles, in 5 days. Lithuania postage stamps with postmark