Postage stamp from baseball player Yogi Berra on postcard from the USA no 147

pronghorn antelope postcardA postcard came from the USA on August 24, 2021.
This shows a Pronghorn Antelope.
The Pronghorn Antelope lives in the prairies of the southwestern USA, as well as in northwestern Mexico. The photo is from Arthur Fox.
She wrote some nice lines. She lives in California and also has 2 cats.
There are 5 American postage stamps on the postcard. One of the stamps stands out. This shows the all-star baseball player Yogi Berra. He lived from 1925 to 2015. From 1946 to 1965 he played in the Major Leagues, mostly with the New York Yankees.
The postcard covered 9420 kilometers, that is 5853 miles, in 91 days. One of the longest postcard trips. u.s. postage stamp of baseball Yogi Berra