Okinawa Beach postcard from Japan no 226

Postcard of Okinawa Beach JapanOn September 10, 2022, a postcard arrived from Japan.
The postcard shows the beautiful beach of Okinawa.
She wrote from the city of Takarazuka, which is known for its opera.
She wrote that the leaves on the trees were beautiful colors at the time (beginning of autumn) when she wrote the postcard.
There are two nice stamps on the postcard. A stamp shows a bird. This stamp will be included in the overview of animal stamps.
A second stamp shows a painting of a woman.
The postmark from Takarazuka is also very nice. He can also be seen here afterwards.
The postcard traveled 9249 kilometers, that is 5747 miles, in just 7 days. a bird postage stamp from Japanpostage stamp painting from Japanpostmark Takarazuka Japan