Greetings from Canada postcard no. 119

postcards greetings from CanadaOn June 20th a postcard came from Canada.
It’s a “Greetings from Canada” postcard. This shows typical illustrations that are associated with Canada.
According to the postcard, the design comes from Stinkypaw.
She wrote some nice lines. This is how she works in the local post office. It’s a lot of work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
There are 3 wonderful Canadian postage stamps on the postcard. All 3 are different. A postage stamp showing a moose, one showing John Turner and one about insulin.
I have included the postage stamp with the moose in the overview of animal postage stamps.
There are also pre-printed weather symbols on the postcard. I do the same with my postcards.
The postcard traveled 6467 kilometers, that is 4018 miles, in 8 days. Canadian postage stamp