Castle Wartburg Germany – German postage stamp World Heritage Site

castle wartburg Germany postage stamp world heritage siteIn 2017, Deutsche Post launched the Wartburg Castle postage stamp on the market.
It is a very nice stamp and belongs to the European Castles series.
There are many postcrossers who want old castles and palaces as postcards. This German postage stamp from Deutsche Post is an ideal combination with my new postcard of a castle ruin.
The Wartburg lies at 410 meters (1,350 ft) and overlooks the city of Eisenach. The castle was built in 1067.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you want to find out more about the castle, visit the Wartburg Castle Germany website.
I have been sending postcards with this castle stamp for a good 4 weeks. The first reactions from the recipients were very positive.
Thank you Deutsche Post. Happy postcrossing! post stamp pad castle Wartburg Germany postage stamp world heritage site