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Nao Blog Avatar A look at a wonderful English blog from Nao (here Nao’s older entries before 2022) a fellow Postcrossing member from Japan.

In the movie “Forrest Gump” the famous quote is: “Life is like a box of chocolates

Today I would like to change it to: “Postcrossing is like a box of chocolates”.

It started at the beginning of November when I got a postcard from Japan in my mailbox. This came from Nao, a fellow at Postcrossing.
A wonderful postcard written and designed with a lot of effort.
We got in touch and got to know our two blogs.

She has a wonderful blog. It’s a very personal blog. She writes very openly about everything that moves her.
These are posts with insights into everyday life, sometimes with a touch of humor and sometimes very serious stories that make you think.

You are sure to find an interesting story.
You also learn quite a bit about the Japanese language. She uses Japanese terms in her posts. Nao describes the Japanese words, how they are used and how to understand them.
It is as if a window is opening into a foreign culture that is so similar in many ways.

What I particularly like is that you learn a lot about the emotions and thoughts of the people in Japan.
She writes about the past times when her grandmother was young and how societies and behaviors changed.
I don’t want to anticipate too much. Pour yourself a good tea, coffee or whatever you like and have fun reading.

Of course I have some posts that are among my favorites, I would like to introduce 3 here:

There is so much truth in here:
To take good care of myself

That’s German, I can say as a German. 😉
complicated logistics

A brilliant idea. After reading, I wondered what I had bought.
Miquelrius – this year’s best items to buy

Thank You Nao for agreeing that I was allowed to write and refer to your blog.

I enjoyed reading your posts and I will continue to do so!

Happy postcrossing!
Postcrossing is like a box of chocolates

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