Leopard postcard and stamp from Netherlands no 184

amur leopard postcardOn December 25, 2021, a postcard arrived from the Netherlands.
The postcard has an Amur Leopard as a motif.
She wrote some nice lines. We have a lot in common.
She likes photography, English humor and also has 2 cats.
That’s the nice thing about postcrossing, that by chance you meet someone who has the same interests.
She also wrote in German.
There are 2 beautiful stamps on the postcard. One stamp shows a German ICE train and the other, like the postcard, shows an Amur Leopard.
The stamp with the Amur leopard will be included in the overview of animal stamps.
The postcard traveled 670 kilometers, that is 416 miles, in 7 days. Netherlands stamps a train and a Leopard