La Côte de Granite Rose postcard from France no 160

postcard french coast la Côte de granite rose A postcard arrived from France on September 29, 2021.
The postcard shows a coast in Brittany, the La Côte de Granite Rose. Costaérès Castle is also shown on the postcard. It was built in 1892. A very nice postcard.
According to the postcard, the pictures are from Benoît Stichelbaut.
French accents are a challenge for my German keyboard, but I can do it. 😉
He wrote a few nice lines.
On the postcard is a beautiful and, in my opinion, important postage stamp. It belongs to the Faune en Danger series and shows, among other things, a Lux. These are animals that are threatened with extinction.
The postcard traveled 590 kilometers, that’s 366 miles, in just 3 days. postage stamp faune en danger