Kizhi Pogost UNESCO World Heritage Site postcard from Russia no 124

kizhi pogost unesco world heritage postcardOn July 6th, a postcard came from Russia.
This shows the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kizhi Pogost.
The construction is made of wood and was built in 1714.
Further information can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage website Kizhi Pogost.
She took a lot of time and wrote a lot of nice lines. Including an extract about the legend of how Kizhi Pogost was built.
She likes to draw and take photos.
There is a nice frog stamp on the postcard. This can also be found in the animal stamps overview.
It’s a Dybowski’s frog. It occurs in the northeast in Asia, Russia, the Far East and Korea.
The postcard traveled 3,461 kilometers, that’s 2,150 miles, in 23 days. Frog postage stamp