Hefei Meet-up postcard from China no. 107

postcard Hefei meet up group chinaOn May 18, a postcard came from Hefei City, China. It’s a Hefei Meet-up group postcard.
According to the postcard, the meeting was on June 300, 2019 in Hefei.
The postcard shows Dashu Hill in Hefei. The city of Hefei has over 7 million inhabitants.
Otherwise she didn’t write much. The usual greetings.
There are two Chinese postage stamps on the postcard. One stamp shows a large pagoda and the other a panda from the Confucius Institute. The panda stamp can also be found in the animal stamp overview.
The postcard traveled 8477 kilometers, that is 5267 miles, in 16 days. chinese postage stamp with confucius institute panda