Postcrossing grows – Number of postcards October and November 2021

Today a short detour into the realm of statistics.
The short good news: Poscrossing grows and grows. 🙂

The Postcrossing portal has a wonderful overview of the postcards received (here the link: Postcards statistics).
I took the last two months, October and November, and compared it to 2019, the pre-pandemic year (is more realistic).
In October the number of postcards increased by 18,760 to a total of 457,543. This corresponds to an increase of 4.2%.

November continued, increasing the number of postcards by 21,120 to 431,345. That is an increase of 5.1% compared to 2019. Compared to the pandemic year 2020, an increase of 4.9%.

I am happy that so many people are discovering more and more the pleasure of writing and getting to know other people and cultures. The world needs it.
Happy postcrossing!