Postcard of Kyiv Museum of Folk Pyrohiv from Ukraine no 158

postcard kyiv museum pyrohivAnother postcard arrived from Ukraine on September 24, 2021.
It’s a postcard that I like very much. It shows the Museum of Folk Architecture and Custom of Ukraine called “Pyrohiv“.
There are women and girls in folk clothes and a panorama of windmills.
She wrote very little. She lives with her husband near Kyiv.
Kyiv is the largest city and capital of Ukraine.
It is interesting that the English name changed from Kiev to Kyiv in 2019. I read quite a bit about it. I was surprised because the postcard said Kyiv and not Kiev. So I investigated.
You always learn something. 🙂
There are wonderful Ukrainian postage stamps on the postcard. They show 2 different leaves from trees.

That’s why I’m so happy about it, because up until now only the standard postage stamps have been used on Ukrainian postcards. Nice to see what else the Ukrainian Post was putting on.
Unfortunately the postmark smeared a bit.
The postcard covered 1,393 kilometers, that is 865 miles, in 24 days. leafs postage stamps ukraine