A COVID-19 postcard from the U.S.A. no 40

Covid-19 postcardThe 40th postcard arrived on January 19, 2021. It came from the U.S.A..
It is a postcard that reminds us of the COVID-19 year 2020. The title is very aptly “Year of the mask”. The postcard shows the year 2020 in red with the mouth and nose protection at the bottom.
I think there is no better way to describe the year, even if the situation is currently going on.
She writes that she does a lot of shopping online.
There are two stamps on the postcard. The shape of one of the two stamps is somewhat unusual. The postage stamp is rectangular and has the title Pacific 97. A very nice postal stamp.
US postage stamps rectangularThe postcard covered 6,133 kilometers, that is 3,810 miles in twelve days.