Postcard from Japan Tokyo no 20

On November 25th in 2020, the first postcard from Japan arrived. The postcard shows a picture of the Tojinbo coast at sunset. She lives in Tokyo. With six stamps on the postcard, all of them different, it was the record number up to then.The postcard traveled 9,379 kilometers (5,827 miles) in eighteen days.

Postcard from Taiwan no 8

A postcard arrived from Taiwan on October 20th. It was the second postcard from the country. The postcard is quite simple with the lettering Taiwan can help with the pandemic.There are three large beautiful postage stamps on the card.The postcard covered 9,450 kilometers (5,870 miles) in eight days.

Postcard Taiwan no 2

Postcard number two arrived on September 24th. The sender was from Taiwan. The postcard shows a farm near Nantou in the background mountains and forests. When he wrote the card it was 28 ° C. Many postcrossers write brief information about the weather on the postcard at the time the card was written.It took the… Read more Postcard Taiwan no 2