Postcard from Taiwan no 8

A postcard arrived from Taiwan on October 20th. It was the second postcard from the country. The postcard is quite simple with the lettering Taiwan can help with the pandemic.There are three large beautiful postage stamps on the card.The postcard covered 9,450 kilometers (5,870 miles) in eight days.

Postcard Netherlands no 6

Another postcard came from the Netherlands on October 17th. It was the second card from the Netherlands. It is a tourist postcard and shows the sights of Apeldoorn in a collage. I like the postcard very much, especially the pictures with the old steam locomotive and the park with the fountain.The postcard took 5 days… Read more Postcard Netherlands no 6

Postcard France no 4

Another postcard came from France at the end of September 2020. The motif of the postcard is funny and is called “Fanfare de Cavalerie”.It shows a long dining table. Soldiers stand and sit at either end with musical instruments such as trumpets, trombones and drums. They raise their glasses in a toast. Meanwhile, a soldier… Read more Postcard France no 4

Postcard from France no 28

Today the 28th postcard arrived. This came from France. The postcard shows a picture of the Cluny Abbey in Burgenland in France. A very nice postcard. It took the card four days to travel 560 kilometers, the equivalent of 345 miles.

Postcard Czech Republic no 3

One day after the postcard from Taiwan, the next postcard number three came from the Czech Republic. The city of the postcrosser is Jablonec. The city is not far from the Polish and German borders. Accordingly, the card only needed 6 days for 390 kilometers, which corresponds to 240 miles.The main motif of the postcard… Read more Postcard Czech Republic no 3

Postcard Taiwan no 2

Postcard number two arrived on September 24th. The sender was from Taiwan. The postcard shows a farm near Nantou in the background mountains and forests. When he wrote the card it was 28 ° C. Many postcrossers write brief information about the weather on the postcard at the time the card was written.It took the… Read more Postcard Taiwan no 2